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Rossini Caviar

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Jakob de Neergaard

If you’re looking for superb, classic French-inspired dishes, cooked to perfection, Jakob de Neergaard is the man.
His sublime cuisine combines the fragrant essence of Provence with a deep respect for fresh Danish ingredients.
Unassailable skills at the stove and his open-hearted character make his Michelin-awarded restaurant one of the most perfect dining venues in the region.

Jakob de Neergaard RECIPIES

Serves 8 

Vava'u vanilla cream: 
600 g 38% cream 
300 g whole milk 
150 g sugar 
40 g inverted sugar syrup (trimoline) 
1 vava'u vanilla (Tonga) pod 

160 g pasteurized egg yolks (80)

Boil the cream, whole milk, sugar, trimoline and vanilla. 
Beat in the egg yolks and cool. 
Sieve and churn in an ice cream maker. 

Apple foam: 
½ litre fresh pressed apple juice 
35 g sorbet syrup 
½ teaspoon pulverized vitamin C 
5 bl Gelatine 

Soften the gelatine by warming in the sorbet syrup and cool to room temperature. Add the vitamin C to the just-pressed apple juice and mix in with the syrup. Cool and serve in chiffon glasses. 

Søllerød caviar and the season’s best apples: 
100 g Søllerød caviar 
2 applesCut the apples into cubes and top with the vanilla ice-cream. Serve the caviar on the side and the apple foam alongside.

Calvisius caviar and caesar salad

Serves 8

Greens and Salad soup
2 romaine lettuce
2 frillice lettuce
1 wild chicory
Rinse the salad leaves thoroughly and then separate into spears or trees. The rest of the salad leaves are put in a juicer and seasoned with olive oil, salt and a little garlic oil.

Crispy chicken skin, quails egg and croutons:
8 chicken skins
1 tablespoon chicken fat
4 thin slices sandwich bread
16 quails eggs

Cut the sandwich slices into 2 x4cm pieces and with the chicken fat. Grill the chicken skin at 200 degress until crispy. Lower the quail eggs carefully into boiling water with a little vinegar and boil for 2 ½ minutes, then shell. Sprinkle with salt before serving.

Parmesan foam and Calvisius Caviar:
½ litre single cream
150 g grated parmesan
6 bl. Gelatine
Sea salt

Warm the cream up to 60 degrees and add the gelatine and parmesan. Let it stand for 20mins then sieve out the parmesan. Season and let cool before pouring into chiffon glasses, ready to serve.

Calvisius Caviar with angler fish, Danish lobster and Leek

Serves 8

Danish lobster:

4 fresh blue-black Danish lobsters around 700 g.
Stick a knife through the head of the lobster, then separate the body from the tail. Lay the tails opposite each other and tie with string so that they are straight, then roll tightly in plastic film. Steam at 64 degrees for 20mins and cool before removing the shells from the tail.

Boil the claws in water with with sea salt, whole peppercorns, bay leaves, dill weed/fennel or crown dill for 9 minutes and cool off. Carefully crack the claw with a heavy pot and remove the meat.

Place the tail and the claw in a vacuum bag. Prepare at 56 degrees for 10 minutes just prior to serving and season with salt and lemon juice.

REMEMBER to save the remaining lobster for the Søllerød Caviar “surprise”.

Lobster bisque:

Break up the fresh lobster shell.

½ dl olive oil
1 carrot
4 shallots
¼ celery
6 garlic cloves
½ fennel

2 tablespoons tomato puree
3 fresh tomatoes
10 thyme stalks

6 dl. white wine
1 teaspoon crushed white pepper
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
3 bay leaves

½ fish bullion and ½ chicken bouillon made up to 1 ½ -2 liter.

Peel and clean the ingredients from 1) and sauté, then add 2) followed by the lobster shells and 3). Reduce to half the volume and then add 4) and simmer for half an hour. Remove from the heat and let stand for 15mins. Sieve the mixture and reduce until there is a strong lobster bisque taste.

Lobster Cream:
4 dl whipping cream
2 dl whole milk
1 teaspoon Xantana
Sea salt and lemon juice

Add the cream and milk to the lobster bisque and bring to just below boiling point. Season with sea salt and lemon juice and then mix in the Xantana.

Angler fish:
480 g cleaned/pure angler fish
100 g Søllerød Caviar

Cut the fish into 60g portions and roll tightly with plastic film. Cook at 56 degrees for 20mins, remove from the film and brush with warm, browned butter. Season with the Cavisius caviar.

8 leeks in stock

Steam at 100 degrees for 9 minutes. Remove stock and serve the leeks warmed for 2 mins over boiling steam. Season with salt.

Søllerød Caviar on warm patatoes "Escoffier", caviar-olive oil and crisp salad

Serves 8

Crushed potatoes “Escoffier”:
5 medium baking potatoes
100 g crème fraiche 38%
100 g salted butter
1 bunch chives
Salt and freshly ground white pepper

80 g Søllerød Caviar
Bake the potatoes until tender and then scrape out the inside into a pan. Carefully stir in the butter and crème fraiche over the lowest heat and then season to taste with salt, freshly ground white pepper and chives.
Serve warm in a bowl with crisp salad and caviar in olive oil.

Caviar-olive oil:
20 g Søllerød Caviar
20 g Mosto Oro olive oil

Mix and season to taste with a drop of lemon juice. Drizzle over the plate.

Crisp salad

2 Romaine lettuce
2 Frillice lettuce
1 wild chicory

Wash and separate the leaves to serve.

Calvisius Caviar with Rhubarb, Vava'u Vanilla (Tonga) and Skyr-ice cream

Serves 8.

Poached rhubarb:
4 large rhubarb stalks

Top and tail the rhubarb stalks and rinse thoroughly. Boil together equal parts of cider and sugar with some old vanilla pods, then pour over the rhubarb. Let the rhubarb steep until it is tender and cooled down. Sieve out the rhubarb and use the remainder as soup. Season/dilute to taste with lemon juice and water. Cut the rhubarb into 5 cm long pieces and lay in the bottom of a deep dish. The crumble is sprinkled on top.

Skyr-ice cream:
150 g sugar
530 g cream 38%
½ pod vava'u vanilla (Tonga)
150 g trimoline
110 g pasturized egg yolks
1 kg skyr (Icelandic strained fresh cheese)

Bring the sugar, cream, vanilla and trimoline to the boil. Beat in the pasteurized egg yolks. Cool, sieve and stir in the skyr.

Fill the paco cups and then freeze at 22 degrees for 12 hours. Before use, run through paco jet. Otherwise, freeze according to ice cream maker instructions.

250 g flour
250 g sugar
250 g ground almonds
250 g butter

Mix together the dry ingredients then stir in the butter. Crumble out onto a baking sheet and bake at 106 degrees until crisp and golden.

80 g Calvisius Caviar


Serves 8

Apple sorbet:
250 g sugar
250 g water
25 g glucose
500 g Discovery apples, peeled and cored
Little lemon juice

Bring the sugar, water and glucose to the boil and then cool. Mix the sorbet syrup and the apples together and add lemon juice to taste. Pour into an ice cream maker and churn to the desired consistency.

White chocolate granulate:
75 g white chocolate

50 g sugar
55 g water

50 g sugar
55 g water

Using two saucepans, bring the sugar and water to the boil at around 145 degrees. Melt the white chocolate in a mixing bowl then whip at the highest speed while the sugar syrup from the two pans is poured in at 1 minute intervals. Pour the mix onto a tray to cool.


Serves 8

King crab & bisque:
1 kg fresh king crab
1 lemon

Use the same technique as with the lobster, remembering to remove the cartilage from the meat. Roll the raw meat in plastic film tightly and steam at 64 degrees for 20 minutes. Cool in the film. Before use, open the rolls and let dry. Fry very carefully in olive oil and season with salt and piment d’Espelette. Pare the lemon with a lemon rinder and infuse the rind in a saucepan. Boil and let cool then cut into fine strips and serve on top of the crab, on warmed plates.

500 g king crab shells and lobster shells.
1 tablespoon grape seed oil
½ celery stalk
1 shallot
½ peeled parsley root
½ peeled carrot
2 garlic cloves

3 stalks of fresh thyme
2 bottle tomatoes
1 tablespoon of tomato pure

2 dl white wine
1 litre fish bouillon

½ dl whipping cream
2 dl. whole milk

Smash the shells into small pieces and fry gently with the rest of the ingredients from 1). Add the ingredients from 2) and the white wine and reduce down to half the volume. Add the fish bouillon and reduce to ¼ volume. Add the cream and milk from 4) and boil. Season to taste with salt and adjust with lemon juice if necessary. Sieve through a fine sieve.

Jerusalem artichoke puree:
200 g peeled Jerusalem artichokes
10 g salted butter
165 g whole milk
55 g whipping cream
salt and freshly ground white pepper.

Bring all the ingredients to the boil and simmer covered until tender. Season. Sieve and puree the artichokes, adding in a little of the boiling water to achieve a soft, homogenous consistency.

Browned dill-butter and tapioca:
250 g unsalted butter
1 bundle dill
100 g tapioca

Boil the tapioca pearls in ½ litre of lightly salted water until tender. Cool in cold water and season to taste with a little lemon juice and salt.
Brown the butter carefully until golden and when it begins to exude a nutty aroma, remove from the heat and cool to 60 degrees. Blend with the dill and sieve through a coffee filter.
Rewarm to just under 60 degrees and drizzle over the dish with the bisque.

Søllerød Caviar:
80 g Søllerød Caviar