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Rossini Caviar

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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply for all deliveries made from Rossini Caviars web shop.

Price & Payment
In Rossini Caviars web shop, you have the opportunity to pay with VISA along with other international credit cards. All prices mentioned in Rossini Caviars web shop are included VAT, but exclusive postage and freight.  

The process of shopping
When shopping in Rossini Caviars web shop, you will be asked to type your name, billing- and shipping address, phone number and your email. Furthermore, you will be asked to please accept Rossini Caviars terms and conditions. After you have made your payment, you will receive an order confirmation by email.

Throughout the process of shopping, you will be notified about the total price of the content of your shopping bag.

You will never be charged for more than you have reserved, but always less, if for instant a certain product is sold out, we will deduct the full amount.
Finally, please take typing errors, sold out goods as well as prices-, taxes- and currency changes in account.
If you have any questions regarding online payment, please contact us at or by phone +45 33135333

Delivery and transportation
Your order will be dispatched by courier (TNT/DHL) to ensure fast and easy door-to-door delivery, if no other agreement has been made between the buyer and Rossini Caviar Web shop.

All the products are well-packed in chilled thermo boxes so they will arrive safely, and at the right temperature to your doorstep. Goods from Rossini Caviar are considered delivered when you, the customer, has received the goods. 

Caviar and Specialities are normally on stock and delivered to your doorstep by currier within two workingdays.

Please note that all our smoked items are produced upon orders from Friday-Tuesday. Orders with smoked items, placed before Friday at 11 AM, will therefore be delivered Wednesday the following week. The customer will be texted and emailed about the exact delivery day. 

Rossini Caviar web shop is using a payment solution delivered by ePay. All data concerning your payment will be encrypted and send via SSL, which means, only PBS can read your data.

Rossini Caviar Web shop is in compliance with PBS guidelines for Internet commerce. This means that you, the consumer is at least as safe as when you use your debit card in ordinary shops. For example, you have no deductibles for misuse and you can reject an incorrect payment.

All goods are checked for defects before they are packed. If you receive an item that does not live up to your expectations, we would love to hear from you, so that we can correct the error. We aim to ensure that all complaints are handled expeditiously.

You will need to advertise us of your complaints as soon as possible, - within 24 hours of receiving your goods. We will aim to get you an equivalent to the ordered goods. There will be situations where we will ask you to send us the defective product - in which case we will credit you for your expenses in this regard.

You can contact us by mail at: or phone: +45 33135333.

Return Policy
Rossini Caviar Web shop primarily sells food – there is not provided returns on foods. Other products, that are not food, are covered by the general rules for withdrawal. If you would like to cancel your order, you must do so within 14 days after receiving the goods, and send it to:

Rossini Caviar A / S
Magstræde 6, 2 floor
1204 Copenhagen K

You will be held personally responsible for returning goods and the costs associated with this return. For you to cancel the purchase, the product must be returned in the same condition as when received. Please remember to pack the product securely, as we do not do refunds on dented boxes etc. Once we have checked the condition of the goods, we will contact you to hear how we can return your money.

Please state the reason for return in writing.

Data caption
As you order from us, you must provide your name, address, telephone number and email address. We need this information, partly to keep you informed about your order and secondly to deliver goods to you. All the information we receive is treated confidentially and in accordance with the Privacy Act. As law requires audit, this information is stored for 5 years. They will not be sold, transmitted or otherwise transferred to third parties. As registered, you always have the right to and the opportunity for insight and you can oppose on a registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call us.

You can contact us by mail at: or phone +45 33135333