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Rossini Caviar

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"The Pampering Edition"

Rossini Baerii caviar is the preferred caviar at many of the best restaurants in Scandinavia!. The Executive Chefs call this caviar perfect in all aspects. Beautiful sparkling pearls of roe: crisp, clean with delicate pop in the finish. The Champagne "R" brut from Ruinart, golden and delicate, with notes of white fruit predominate and toasted bread, is a perfect companion to Rossini Baerii caviar.


- 2 x Rossini Baerii Caviar. 30 grams 
- 2 x Mother of Pearl spoons
- 1 x Package of blinis (16 pieces)
- 1 x Ruinart "R" brut, 37,5 cl.

Our "Pampering Edition" are packed and delivered in our special developed giftbags, that will keep the items chilled up to 15 hours after delivery.

Want to customize your own giftpacks? No problem - just contact us at:
Phone: (+45) 33 13 53 33

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Baerii Caviar, 30gr.
30 grams
Baerii Caviar, 30gr.
Mother of Pearl caviar spoon
Mother of Pearl caviar spoon
Ruinart "R" Brut
375 ml
Ruinart "R" Brut

Wheat Pancakes

135 grams
Caviar Gift Box
Incl. cooling elements
Caviar Gift Box
Thermo Bag
Thermo Bag